Friday, March 25, 2011


I love the comic and this phrase so a pin of it was inevitable.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Even if you don't care about politics please watch this video:

Who knew Charlie Chaplin had such an amazingly powerful voice. I can't believe he made that black and white film probably over half a century ago, but his words still hold true, now more than ever. I agree with everything he says in this video, but I am very skeptical that this dream would come to fruition. People are so narrow minded, everyone gets stuck in a little prideful niche and doesn't see the big picture.

I believe a lot of the problems today are from pride. People want to belong to an exclusive group, a gang, a political party, a religion, a nation, and they see people outside of their group as different from them, usually in a negative way. All of these divisions separate us from each other and we end up going backwards more than we do forwards.

Newer generations are always becoming more open minded which is great. They are certainly less racist which is awesome because it blows my mind that humans have been on the earth for how long? And we still can't get over the fact that people have different color skin. How much more immature can you get? If everyone was the same as you it would just be boring.

I love the part in the video at 3:45 where the kid shakes the soldiers hand along with everything Charlie says about being a soldier. I don't know why people would want to give their lives to go fight bureaucratic wars. It's such a waste, people think they are doing good for their country and protecting their family and friends when really it's a bullshit war fought for rich politicians. The US hasn't fought a war to defend our freedoms in a very long time. Hopefully we can get to the point that Charlie is describing, but I think we have a lot of money and pride to get rid of first.


Yoda's partying has finally caught up to him. A drunk Yoda is.


Just mod-podged this grandma and made her a baller.